Villaintine’s 2013 – CD


In 2011, a long way from home, RC Krueger was struggling on an Oklahoman heirloom tomato farm when he conceived and produced the first Villaintine’s compilation. Using branded CDs from an office supply store and chipboard that he painstakingly handscreened, scored, folded, and glued together, the inaugural Villaintine’s album was obviously a labor of love.

RC has continued the tradition since that fateful year, with more and more bands joining the compilation. From math rock group Detta to alternative rock bands Peachy Keene and Privet, the compilation takes listeners through a southern Californian journey.

Like always, the sleeves and CDs are hand screened in the Villains garage. The sleeves are made out of recycled cardstock.

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1. Panther Heart – Transformation
2. Tiny Moths – Villains
3. Privet – Vasoconstrictor
4. Sullen Ray – Alone
5. Joe St. Thomas – Steam, Ice, A Whistle
6. Detta – Shape Shifters
7. Mariel – 2nd star to the right, straight on ’til morning
8. Moan – Have Some
9. Nicholas dewart – Jasmine
10. C is for Carlo – Coffee Eyes
11. Mr. RYNstone featuring Dwayin Berry – Lite-Bwhite
12. Peachy Keene – Slowly But Surely
13. Allison Self – St. Cecilia
14. Katey Sullivan – rabbit Hole