Beta Lion – Written In Sand – Digital Download



  1. $15 Ladies
  2. Altar Beats
  3. Escape Signal
  4. Tonight at Whisperz
  5. Written in Sand

Ten years in the making,Written in Sand is a 5-song EP that chronicles the beginning of Beta Lion’s career.

Written in Sand serves as a retrospective on the beginnings of Beta Lion. The first four songs of the five song EP were written between 2003 and 2007. “For our debut album, it didn’t seem right to move forward before paying proper tribute to our older material,” says Mark Fulinara, bassist and vocalist. And the fifth and final track, “Written in Sand,” is about their struggle to capture that older material before they were washed away by the inevitability of time.

Beta Lion is Mark Fulinara on bass and vocals, Dean Fulinara on drums, JR Fulinara on keyboard, and Opie Tran on guitar. “We’ve been having fun and playing live together since 1999,” says Mark. The reception of their 2012 demo I Believe in Beta Lion inspired them to continue releasing records. They plan on recording a full-length album beginning this summer.

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